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Cybersecurity Threats to Watch for in 2017

Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats will continue to remain at the forefront of the information technology industry for 2017. From international data breaches to individual ransomware attacks, threats to computer systems will have an impact on every aspect of modern life. Here are five areas to watch in the cybersecurity field this year.

Cybersecurity Threats and the Internet of Things

Often referred to as the IoT, this network of connected devices controls climate control units, security systems, lighting and many other components of home and office equipment. Many IoT systems offer little or no protection against malware or hacking, making them a likely target for cyberattacks in the upcoming year.

Large-Scale Cyberattacks Will Continue

Cybercriminals will continue to exploit weaknesses in corporate and government security measures to access login credentials, personal information and sensitive financial data. In some cases, ransomware or extortion may be used to extract funds from companies who depend on the security of their information and the reliability of their software to maintain their operations.

Companies Will Invest More

Spending for computing security and cloud storage solutions is expected to increase in 2017. This increase in funding for cybersecurity measures is due at least in part to expanding awareness of the threats currently in play in the business marketplace.

Cloud Security Will Receive Greater Scrutiny

A recent admission by Dropbox that it had not properly disposed of user files after deletion will likely draw added attention to the security measures in place among cloud service providers and hosts. This may lead to tougher standards and increased demand for innovative encryption systems and verifiable deletion of obsolete corporate files.

Smart Automobiles and Cybersecurity Threats

The emergence of smart vehicles that interact with online resources to provide a smoother and safer ride also presents opportunities for hackers to wreak havoc on the nation’s roadways. Beefing up the security for these automotive systems is necessary to ensure that drivers stay in control on the road.

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