Critical Vulnerability Scanning

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Critical Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability management is considered a security best practice defensive measure to protect against today’s real and potential threats. Specialized Security Services, Inc.’s critical vulnerability scanning will identify vulnerabilities on your network devices, operating systems, web applications, databases and desktop applications. Specialized Security Services, Inc. performs both external and internal vulnerability assessments.


Specific goals of the external network are to:

  • Identify external points of access to client’s network
  • Identify vulnerabilities in externally accessible systems
  • Identify vulnerabilities in network access controls, firewalls, routers, and the designed network topology, even if they do not immediately provide access to the internal network
  • Identify potential unauthorized access to internal access points and gateways
  • Identify unauthorized access through password vulnerability
  • Identify encryption threats to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) through packet sniffing
  • Identify and test unknown dial-up and non-authenticated access to internal network
  • Identify Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) vulnerabilities and associated risks

Specific goals of the internal network assessment are to:

  • Identify internal points of access to client’s and/or its Subsidiaries’ networks
  • Identify vulnerabilities to internal accessible points, gateways and wireless access points
  • Identify vulnerabilities in network access controls, firewalls, routers, and the designed network topology
  • Identify system-level vulnerabilities in operating systems and their configurations
  • Identify vulnerabilities associated with the configuration of the production firewall
  • Identify unauthorized access through password vulnerability, and verify internal permissions
  • Identify encryption threats to VPN through packet sniffing if VPN is used internally
  • Identify wireless technologies, encryption, and password security


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