Data Discovery


Data Discovery

Companies should know where payment cards Primary Account Number (PAN) are being stored on their systems, in order to take steps to make that card data secure. Beyond the opportunity to address the compliance requirement for PCI, this effort can have benefits for security by reducing risks and costs. For example, by having a better understanding of where cardholder data exists and how it flows through the network, an organization can not only reduce the scope of their PCI compliance efforts, but can significantly reduce the risk of data loss.

During Specialized Security Services, Inc.’s Data Discovery Assessment, our security engineers will review how the data is stored, processed and transmitted; first by reviewing all payment card flow charts and performing tests to validate the transmission of PAN data in transit. We then perform tests on applications and databases involved in the payment process to ensure unencrypted PAN data is not being leaked into other areas of the environment. Finally, we ensure PAN data is encrypted at rest.

Specialized Security Services, Inc. engineers accurately scan files, network shares, emails, databases, memory, cloud storage and more to identify non-compliant storage of payment card numbers issued by major card issuers including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), MasterCard and Visa.



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