Tokenization Projects


Tokenization Projects

Tokenization is a process by which the Primary Account Number (PAN) is replaced with a surrogate value called a – token. The primary goals of a Tokenization solution should be to replace sensitive PAN values with non-sensitive token values. Storing tokens instead of PANs is one alternative that can help to reduce the amount of cardholder data in a company’s environment, potentially reducing the merchant’s effort to implement PCI DSS requirements.

Specialized Security Services, Inc. is able to assist with the proper implementation of any Tokenization solution.

Some areas Specialized Security Services, Inc. can assist are:

  • Ensuing proper scoping and division of responsibilities for protection of cardholder data
  • Confirm the adequacy of segmentation controls
  • Performa risk assessment when selecting a Tokenization service provider
  • Ensure policies and procedures are in place to manage Tokenization service provider
  • Ensure the Tokenization solution supports company security policies and requirements


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