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PCI DSS Program

With data breaches capturing top news headlines, it is vital for organizations to enhance its data security and compliance awareness and efforts. PCI Security Training is for employees who are involved in handling cardholder data. PCI Security Training will benefit employees by providing a better understanding of PCI and PCI requirements and will ultimately improve security and reduce the risk of data loss. PCI DSS training offers a unique opportunity to leverage a Quality Security Assessor’s (QSA’s) perspective on scoping, gap analysis, remediation and assessment.

Specialized Security Services, Inc. will provide PCI Security Training that will address all employees who handle cardholder data. Specialized Security Services, Inc. security professional will provide training, training materials, and an opportunity to ask questions and participate in individual or group consultation. As part of Specialized Security Services, Inc.’s consultation services, our security professional will advise and assist your team on the current compliance requirements in order to keep cardholder data safe and your organization in compliance with federal laws.


The objectives for the security awareness training are to:

  • Gain an understanding of PCI DSS standards and PCI DSS
  • Understand how PCI DSS compliance is validated
  • Empower your organization with the skills to avoid typical pitfalls on the path to achieving compliance


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